Monster Jam World Finals XIV Highlight Video

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Another great world finals in the book. This time World Finals 14! Adam Anderson was able to outlast the racing fleet and upset Tom Meents by taking home his first racing title and his second overall title. Tom Meents took his 11th World Championship overall on his 10th anniversary of driving his own truck, this year in freestyle just out lasting incredible runs by Pablo Huffaker, Steve Sims, Jon Zimmer, Cam McQueen, Alex Blackwell and more! in their respective trucks. Some intense upsets were underway as Pablo Huffaker came out early and put up a very solid score early placing in the hot seat for quite a while. Overall, freestyle was a bit dissapointing as many of the top guns in the competition broke early or flipped over early as seen in Jim Koehler’s early flip, along with Charlie Pauken, Damon Bradshaw, Adam and Ryan and Dennis Anderson. Linsey Weenk probably had one of the best runs of the night besides Tom Meents but was just edged out by Tom. Weenk kept up great momentum and had solid hit after solid hit. Tom Meents and his Max-D team came out for the encore and they did not dissapoint. 3 simulationous backflips started off the encore and then Tom Meents and his truck was dropped from a dump truck where he set up for a double backflip attempt. Tom floored it as did Kreg and Neil in their Max-D machines and all had amazing hits. Kreg had MONSTER, SICK and CRAZY air blowing both front tires after landing. Neil himself had a great leap but the magical moment was Tom Meents’ “double backflip” The first flip was perfect and the second was more of a corkscrew. Meents landed on his side and brought it back on all fours. Whatever you want to call it, it was amazing and as close to a double backflip we have ever seen in a monster truck. With the incredible night of upsets and dissapointments; another World Finals wrapped up. The Monster Jam World Finals XIV was certainly an AMAZING and memorable world finals in Las Vegas; which wrapped up another amazing and INCREDIBLE 2012-2013 Monster Jam season.